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February 17, 2011
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I remembered the First Time I ever got a video game, I was so ecstatic to be able to get my hands on a bulky, game boy color controller, but of course we all move on to other newer versions and stuff later on...

...Like everyone else.

I was playing my DS one day, yeah the good  first DS Lite, Not old to me, 100 years is old. People say everything is old nowadays...

I was playing it while waiting for my bus One day. Pokemon Platinum. Oh yes how I loved this generation.

While playing with my game, The bus finally arrived. I Paused it, Surprisingly, as I walked up the steps onto the vehicle; No one was on the bus, I turned my head to look at The bus driver; He looked emotionless, his eyes were bloodshot, and his hair wild. Like mine. However his was more frizzy.I asked him if he was alright, he didn't move.

...After a few moments, He nodded when I finally gave him the usual toll, after I said my thanks for stopping for me. He started to drive.

I walked down the bus near the back of the bus where the rear open opens. Odd, everything seemed so dark. Tinted. Cracked, and where you'd usually see advertisements up on the bus ceilings, they seemed to be replaced with abstract tar; Something Black and stained with carnage. I started to think "As if" this Bus came from somewhere else.

I quickly sat down as i decided to pull out my game, but i felt myself sitting upon something, I maneuvered to the seat over to see what it was. It was a DS game cartridge. Huh. I Wonder.

I picked it up as I Begin to observe and scan the card over and over, There was no sticker cover for a game name, however it was an all White cover and Red overcoat. On the front of it was a letter P and it looked like an Upside-down cross on the bottom of the Letter.

...I Pulled out my Pokemon cartridge and stuffed it with my other games in my pocket, and slowly slipped the odd chip inside my DS.

I Turned it on.

My Ds seemed normal, However the game title box was a pokemon game! But this was different. It was "Pokemon: † Version"

It wasn't The letter t. It was a legitimate Cross.
(†) Kinda seemed ominous to me, I Liked it. I Pressed start to enter the game.

...The game went straight to black.

...And so did the windows on the bus Around me.

I honestly wasn't afraid.
I asked the bus driver where we were, but then I think it only got darker because it was night time. Right? He didn't answer me though. Maybe he couldn't hear me from up front?

...I decided to ignore what was occurring before me.

I stared at the screen until the title screen came up. It was Red. By Himself. Or I think it was, the boy had his clothes. He Stood in a pose as if he were crucified. and ink splattered in the background. They shaped into wings. and the letter "O" in the name pokemon was directly overhead, as if it were a distorted halo.

I Pressed start, It came to the usual files any Pokemon game would have within:

   "Mystery Gift"

I Scrolled down and noticed something else below the "options file"


I couldn't move the cursor over it, it looked like as if I needed to unlock the file. It was gray anyways. I Decided to move back up to click continue.

Text appeared on the screen.


It came back to the menu as before.

   "Mystery Gift"

I Pressed the A button.
It started off with a black screen as always.
But the usual professor Oak which used to stand in the middle and greet you was replaced by the same RED on the cover. His eyes were shadowed by his cap. Smiling. With Tears falling down his face.


I stared blankly at the game screen.

A few moments passed by until a new message appeared.

"Get Out of My Body."

...Was it talking to me?

"I want to be FREE."

I think This thing, IT was talking about itself.
I say "IT" because now, I don't honestly think this is Red at all. It has been Laughing and crying without sound.

The text disappeared.

Then all of a sudden the game blurred out and zoomed in dramatically to his chest, as if it were looking into his  heart.

The game finally started...

What freaked me out however, was the fact that IT was standing in the middle of nowhere. A God damned forsaken wasteland. What the hell was this? It only showed the back of the sprite. and the small patches of grass left on the field were flowing. It looked like a cut-scene.

I couldn't move him, but I could enter the start menu;
obviously i looked at the Pokemon:
The all had nicknames of letters.

"B" = Bulbasaur Lvl 12.
"D" = Deoxys Lvl 44.       
"I" = Infernape Lvl 37.
"E" = Exeggutor Lvl 41.
"N" = Natu Lvl 9.
"H" = Houndoom Lvl 29.

I wish I knew why he gave them abbreviations for their names. Decent Team.

After a while of staring at their stats which seemed to be normal,I noticed my stop and pulled the Yellow line which notified the bus driver to stop. He did, abruptly; he stared after me and drove off; I was holding the game as I left the bus.

I realized when I looked back at the game IT took a few steps. How? I kept repeatedly pressing buttons but it didn't work.

I decided to walk along to my house, but then...

...I looked at the screen and noticed that he was moving at the same time I was.

That's Insane.

I kept walking as he did. A few people passed by me whom I saw in the corner of my eye, looking up and waving hi to my neighbors. May I also say once more that there were people (sprites) also passing IT inside the game?

... I think we figured out that It moved as I did.
Was someone watching me? I looked into the game
and stared. I walked.

... It didn't move. So I Pressed the keypad. It finally started to move. Wow, What a Mind-Trip.

I started to walk home, Paused the game till I Got inside my house and dropped my bags to the side. Went up to my room and began to resume to go along with this absurd virtual reality.

IT Was facing towards me. IT Gave me a hint in a way so I moved downwards until i saw 3 gravestones. They were labeled;

"U" "Y" "O"

Ok? so what was that supposed to mean, was it a giveaway to unlock some kind of new rare Pokemon or glitch or something? I Clicked a to try and read them but all that came up was
"X", Just a plain x. Dead Pokemon? It looked like his other Pokemon that possibly died.

I started to find more and more large Patches of grass. So I went into them, I heard laughing. I swear I did. A moment passed; I finally encountered a Pokemon. It came up to be Missingno. But this one looked like a blackish-purple silhouette of Lugia with two vertical and  horizontal white static bars that covered up much of it. The only thing I Saw was it white eyes. The name of it was "iKsIyLoLuErR"...   It looked like a Pokemon file messed up.

I Threw out my Bulbasaur to battle.
I Selected him to fight, but then all of a sudden my Bulbasaur Died out of nowhere. It Literally had the Text "BULBASAUR DIED" It just disappeared at random.

What? This made no sense. I was randomly throwing out Pokemon Until they all "died".

the next thing that was said in the text was:

The battle kept going... I didn't black out as you usually would from a trainer battle. IT instead took the place of the Pokemon. The distorted Lugia used A move called "STRUGGLE", and it actually hit IT. Blood was falling from IT's Mouth.

I snapped back to reality when I saw blood dripping onto the DS screen. Blood from MY mouth. Dark-Red Blood, from me. What was going on? I went into the bathroom, and i put the DS to the side before i washed out my mouth. I didn't pay attention to the DS.

Even though I Cleaned up the blood, Cuts Were appearing on my body. I Looked back at the DS game to find IT running from the distorted Lugia. I was getting a bit frightened. What was happening to me?

IT was being followed by the Lugia, INCLUDING other random Missingno's and distorted Pokemon. Attacked from all sides. Left and right, with no escape nor pokemon center around. No one can help IT.

I'm bleeding from everywhere. I backed up into the wall until my whole body was fully inch by inch covered with my 'red life stains. Watching as my blood made puddles on the floor and i saw only the color of my death, I fainted.

I woke up. Only to be in the bathroom. I looked around. Only to see the door was missing and I was not drenched in blood, but only with clothes The same thing IT was wearing. What the hell?

I got up and tried searching for an exit around the room. Then I heard trickling. Black liquid was pouring from ALL of the corners of the room. Struggling to get out. Banging on the walls trying to see if I were able to break-through; I watched in my mirror  as the blackness swallowed me whole. consuming my body, my face and finally my eyes. All i saw was pitch black.

... I continuously banged into the wall in slow motion. I cried so hard but the tears kept fusing with the blackness.

I realized for some reason I was able to Breathe after i tried to hold on, but couldn't hold on. Guess I'm lucky, for now.
I started to walk through the mysterious black liquid and kept walking. I couldn't see anything in front of me. I was afraid. I kept walking anyways, then I started to run, after a while; I began to sprint.

I finally started to come out of the water.
What I saw before me I couldn't Explain.
I slowly stepped into this alternate dimension.
It looked Like I was inside the game.

I Looked around to see Glowing red eyes. Everywhere.
I am Filled with fear so much I Freeze as if I were a glass statue. They started to get closer. They lashed their hands out upon me. I Tried To move. I couldn't. Their grips got tighter and tighter.

Out of the blue, IT appeared. In Hype-realism.
IT moved so fast in front of me. He had no face except for his eyes which were the only thing visible, Staring into my eyes With his glowing White eyes. He seemed angry. Yet his aura I felt was sorrow. He leaned his face closer to mine.
He Stood silent.

He Screeched into my face. Loud and hard. So much My head actually was about to explode. I watched from IT's Eyes as my body burst into the wind. As him, I Laughed. I Screeched forever into the abyss of the black sky.

..I woke up.
I passed out on the bench. The bus driver was gently rubbing my shoulder for me to wake up. Wow. Horrific dream. I climbed onto the bus actually happy to see other kids/teenagers my age.
I sat down thinking on my dream on the ride home. I looked at the other people surrounding me just to be sure I still was not stuck in the destructive reality I returned from. I never really found the chip, did I? I searched the back of my DS to make sure the game wasn't there. My platinum was still remaining in it's place. Remembering the dream as the bus drove on; Now that I'm thinking of it, weren't the letters of all of those Pokemon like a little message?

"B" "E" "I" "D" "N" "H" "U" "Y" "O" "iKsIyLoLuErR"
I unscrambled them in my head as I was walking to my house. Trying to see if there were something behind all of this nonsense.
The only thing i could make out was:


As I walked off the bus, and repeated the words in my head. It sounded more and more effective as a warning.
I paused as soon as those words taunted me with nostalgia. I reared my head, just to see if me knowing what I had thought would affect anything in my mind, coincidently I Looked towards a man with a knife following me. I froze to make sure i wasn't just seeing things. His facial expression was pure insanity. He smiled a crooked grin from ear to ear. and his eyes were fully white without pupils. It was the bus driver I saw in my dream. Who was he?!

He walked up to me, I couldn't move; before I Knew it, he slashed my throat and I fell to the floor then and there.I died, I know I did; I felt as he reached into my mouth with his whole arm impossibly and felt my soul being forced out into his chronicle grip. I started to see everything in third person and I felt like the
lightest thing in the world. He stuffed me into this weird black money sack. How was he doing this? I watched as my body was getting smaller from the distance this man walked.

Along the way, he started to talk about something. Muttering to himself. We got to a house. A nice, clean house with a fancy lawn. this was weird, considering that this man just stole my soul. We got inside. To answer my questionable fear, he pulled out the Forbidden DS chip I played in my dream from this desk draw. He pulled me out of the sack and forcefully pushed me inside the small ds slot. He stuffed me into the DS slot with the Chip on top of me.

I felt myself fuse with the static. I, am IT. Now.
Now my Soul Remains Forever Stuck Inside a place I cannot get out. I Cry. Yet laugh at my mistakes that I should not have done in my life. Wanting to break out. Now I understand.

The only thing I can now seek is my...

Update (02/12/12): I Even made a new theme song for it.
Click "link" below to watch the video of it.
---> [link] <---

Alternate story name: "P-AC"
Hopefully that other title isn't as offensive to some.
Owner of this story:

I made a new Parody version of this, full of curses and it's much shorter. If anyone would Like to read it, comment, saying that you Want to read something random and full of the most weirdest bullcrap you'll ever lay eyes on.
I wrote this down in my head as I was walking home. It was quiet today so I decided to give myself a little Scare.

I want you to Feel me. :iconimhappylaplz:
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NekoInu12 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
and uh...the theme song creeped me out most after reading the story.
NekoInu12 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought it was real phew...but really great story. though it kinda creeeped me out...(shivers...)
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I haven't read a good story in forever but this is good!
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I did anagrams, logic, and thinking and got "Behind you is your killer" before the story. WIN!
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*shivers* Great story. I'm totally at lost of words. All I can say is great story.

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I love the, 
"All I seek now is my
A clever story. One of the best creepy stories I've ever read. :)
Zaxiade Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you. :D
CheekyRainbow Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're very welcome. :iconguguuplz:
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I love anything dark like this what a great story
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